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Privacy Policy


BrewingConnection.com is strongly dedicated to protecting the privacy of user information and we realize that you may have concerns regarding the use of your personal information. The following privacy statement was developed to explain how we use the information we have gathered from our visitors or registered users.


By using our site, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the BrewingConnection.com Privacy Policy, allowing us the right to use your information as described in the following privacy statement. The BrewingConnection.com reserves the right to change or modify the following Privacy Policy at anytime. If you do not agree to have your information collected and used as described in the following privacy statement, you must discontinue use of the BrewingConnection.com website.


What Information?


The BrewingConnection.com collects personal information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and password. This personal information may be collected when you register for our forum, voluntarily provide during the use of our site or when you voluntarily provide information to us while engaging in communication activities.


In some cases users may provide financial information. BrewingConnection.com currently uses Paypal to collect this financial information and is not responsible for the protection of any information submitted to Paypal. Please CLICK HERE to review the Paypal privacy policy.


How is this Information Used?


Personal information may be collected through our website, surveys and additional data collection methods. This information includes contact information and demographic information. This information helps us effectively communicate with you and aids us in improving your experience on BrewingConnection.com. We may also use personal information for account management and to market and promote our products. The BrewingConnection.com reserves the right to disclose personal information when we honestly believe that it's required by any applicable law or legal process. We also reserve the right to disclose personal information if we believe it's necessary to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of our userss or other third party entities.


Contact and demographic information gathered through BrewingConnection.com activities may be used to communicate news, offers and e-mails from some of our partners. To opt-out of receiving news, offers and e-mails from our partners please CLICK HERE.


The BrewingConnection.com may use cookies, which are information files that are placed on the hard drive of a visitors computer by the web browser. These cookies enable our website to remember user activity. Cookies may be used by our site to analyze website activity, such as unique visitors, page views, etc. We do not use cookies to gather personal information.


Non-Personal information may be disclosed in our efforts to improve marketing and user service. This information may be used and analyzed in our efforts to improve The BrewingConnection.com.


The BrewingConnection.com and all assets may be sold or transferred to another entity. In the event that The BrewingConnection.com or any assets of The BrewingConnection.com is sold or transferred to another entity, all user information collected may be transferred to the acquiring entity.


Although The BrewingConnection.com uses reasonable efforts to protect all user information, all online transactions of data cannot be made absolutely secure. As a result, we assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of any information due to errors in data transaction, unauthorized third-party access or other causes beyond reasonable control.



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